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Unusual Engagement Rings to Delight and Inspire

Finding the perfect engagement ring that reflects your partner's unique style and represents everything that is special about your relationship can seem a daunting task. At Durham Rose, we hand craft one of a kind, bespoke engagement rings in every shape, size and...

Inspirational Jewels

When designing, inspiration needs to be gathered from somewhere so what better place to look than to the celebrities and the catwalk. Here at Hot Pink we have been asked for quite a few famous designs which with a little tweaking to suit that individual can create...

Jewellery Making on a Lathe and bespoke lost wax casting

Here at Hot Pink we use a couple of techniques to produce our rings. The Lost Wax Casting process and jewellery produced on a Lathe. Lost Wax Casting is where a wax model of your design is set in a plaster investment which is then set in a kiln. Once the plaster is...

Lost Wax Casting and finishing jewelry

An overview of  the lost wax casting within jewllery

Metals in Jewellery and their Compositions

Compositions of metals within Jewellery

Jewellery Basics

Do you know your Bezel’s from your Claw’s?


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