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How Our Rings Are Crafted


Find out exactly how Durham Rose crafts your piece of forever

Due to the unique nature of our service, each ring is crafted using the appropriate technique for that specific piece. In order to provide such a detailed service,  we have several workshops that specialise in different design and manufacturing processes. This allows us to utilise our technical knowledge to create your design into reality.


3D Printing

Each piece of jewellery designed by our clients, starts with a 3D print of your model in wax. In order for the printer to know what is is producing we need to produce a 3DM file.

This file is created using specialist 3D design software to the jewellery industry. The 3D file holds all the details of the ring the printer needs to print a physical 3D object. 3D printing is used for a variety of objects but the technology and materials for jewellery prototyping offer superior detail and precision which leaves a very smooth surface once the ring is cast

Lost Wax Casting

The 3D printer uses a wax resin as printing material. Next, one or more wax sprues will be attached to your model. Then your model will be attached by the sprue to a wax ‘tree’. The tree is then placed in a flask and covered in a fine plaster. When the plaster solidifies, it forms the mold for casting the metal. The plaster mold is then put in an oven and heated for several hours to the point where the wax is completely burned out.

After the 3D printing has cured the next stage in the manufacturing process is the ancient process of Lost-Wax casting. This is a method of metal casting which once the wax model has been melted and drained away,the molten metal of your choosing is poured into the mold filling the vacant space. This is a perfect manufacturing method for one off pieces as this mold can never be used again to ensure we only ever produce a one of a kind design

Hand Crafted

Durham rose ensures each and every piece of jewelry they produce is completed to the highest standard by their highly skilled craftsmen. Each piece is hand polished paying an infinite amount of attention to detail in order to capture each intricate part of the design. All the stones are hand selected by a trained gemologist to complement each other ensuring a perfect match. Not only are the stones hand selected for their beauty and brilliance, but each stone is set by hand to ensure maximum security and precision. Here at Durham Rose only one piece will be crafted for one person ensuring we optimism the true meaning of the word bespoke.


Hallmarking is a legal requirement in the UK to ensure proof of authenticity. It guarantees that you are getting the exact purity of metal that you have purchased. 

A hallmark is made up of a series of marks presented as laser engravings the surface of the metal. It can be thought of as a unique ‘birthmark’; giving your piece of jewellery a distinguished place of origin.  The symbols of a hallmark give the following information: 

  • the guaranteed standard of fineness
  • the Assay office at which the article was tested and marked
  • the year in which the article was tested and marked
  • a sponsors mark

Here at Durham Rose we send your pieces to the trusted Sheffield Assay office for certification and hallmarking. Other locations for hallmarking are in Edinburgh, London and Birmingham each represented differently in the hallmark by distinguishing symbols.

Read more here about Hallmarking.


To add further sentiment to your piece of jewellery, you may wish to include some engraving on the inside of your band. This can be approved in a variety of fonts and we can even engrave your personal hand writing or an image. Most of our clients have a significant date or place that is completely unique to the occasion and we would be delighted in bringing this to life for you.

The majority of our engraving is laser engraved. This allows for precision in such as small area, however sometimes we need to rely on the steady hand and expertise of hand engraving, if the laser engraver can’t focus for example. Laser engraving is a quick and effective process. Using a bonding agent you can customise your piece when heat from the laser bonds with the marking agent to the metal resulting in a permanent mark which we refer to as the engraving.


Quality Control

Before sending your bespoke piece of jewellery, we put it through quality control at our head office.

  • Your design consultant will personally inspect the piece to make sure it meets the highest of standards that Durham Rose is used to producing.
  • Your ring will be inspected not only in the workshop before being sent to your dedicated designer, but as soon as it reaches Durham Rose we will compare it with the CAD drawings and the quotation issued to ensure everything has been completed exactly the way it should have been
  • This enables us to ensure you as the client is getting an immaculate piece of jewellery that you are going to love and cherish for the rest of your life
  • After this process has been completed, we now know your ring is ready ready to be packaged to perfection and delivered right to your door.

Packaging And Delivery

At Durham Rose we believe the packaging of your bespoke piece of jewellery is equally as important to the piece itself. The unveiling of your carefully handcrafted piece of jewellery is an experience in itself. We have selected a luxurious ring box to house your perfect piece and surrounded it with beautiful packaging tied together perfectly in our dusky plum ribbon.

We are aware great lengths have been taken into the planning of this gift, so we always send the piece in unbranded outer packaging as a way of disguising the content so as not to ruin the surprise.

Read more about our delivery process 



Ring Book

Lets us guide you through the journey this incredible piece of jewelry went through before it became the piece of art you present to your loved one. We provide you with a book capturing your entire experience with us through to the start of your next adventure together. This will included a collect of images throughout the manufacturing process and we will print your selected proposal photographs to finish this gift off to perfection.

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