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How Do You Get a ‘Perfect Fit’ Wedding Band?

Finding a wedding band which aligns perfectly with your engagement ring is often a difficult task as many jewellers will not stock bands that fit flush to unique engagement rings. We aim to eliminate this problem by providing our clients with our ‘Perfect Fit Wedding Band Service’. There are two main ways of doing this through the use of a 3D scanner or hand shaping the band to create the perfect fit. The process in which we use for each ring is dependent on the complexity of the design to be made.

3D Scanning

We use a 3D scanner which produces a digital replica of the engagement ring.  This then provides us with the exact measurements allowing us to tailor a wedding band to precise shapes and dimensions. We can then use our software to design a perfectly matching wedding band in line with our clients’ exact designs and vision.  

The 3D scanner works by shining different patterns and intensities of light onto the object which is to be scanned. Specialist software is then used to analyze each measurement of the ring. The bright and shaded areas are projected on the ring in order to create an accurate 3D file.

Once a 3D image of your engagement is rendered a computer generated model of your wedding ring is designed. A Wax prototype of your wedding is then made. Final adjustments are then made by hand to ensure the perfect fit.


Hand Shaped Wedding Bands

Our skilled craftsmen also hand shape and contour wedding rings. This process is perfect for a more simple and refined profile. We use a solid band of your chosen precious metal and then hand shape it around the curves of your engagement ring. We can expertly match the profiles, widths and depths to your engagement ring to create the perfect matching companion. Whether you want your wedding band to fit a square, twist, halo, pear-shaped or other engagement ring design, your wedding ring can be cut, shaped and styled to ensure the best possible fit, into or around your engagement ring.

What Type Of Band Is Right For Me?


As engagement rings have become increasingly intricate and embellished it makes it harder to find a wedding ring that fits comfortably alongside. Shaped wedding bands are essential in this instance to create a ring which compliments your engagement ring beautifully. If the center gem protrudes, or if there are natural curves in the engagement ring, the wedding ring will need to be contoured for a perfect match. A contoured wedding band, also called a shadow band, will have a slight curve to accommodate the engagement ring as necessary in order to sit flush. Please keep in mind however this is personal preference as we also find many women aren’t opposed the the small gap between the rings.



A straight band is designed to complement and sit next to the engagement ring. One advantage of a straight band is that it can be worn independently from the engagement ring. A straight band can fit flush against the engagement ring. However, if the engagement ring has a center setting that prevents the band from sitting flush, a gap can be seen between the ring and band.

To discuss how Durham Rose can assist you in creating your ‘perfect fit’ custom designed rings, why not contact us on; or +44(0)22081440035

“Wedding Bands and Eternity Rings; Made to measure wedding bands and eternity rings handcrafted and hand finished to provide you with the ‘perfect fit’ by Durham Rose”

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