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Bespoke Ring Costs

Price Versus Value

The reason we do not display prices on our website is that every item we make is a one-off, bespoke piece of artwork for each of our clients. Working with Durham Rose is very different to shopping with a generic high street jeweller. Our design process is not a generic service and because of this, we expect you to understand what we at Durham Rose believe in and assist in creating. Our collaboration with you is a partnership; a relationship built on trust to help create one of the most important memories of your lifetime.

A proposal is a significant commitment and finding a jeweller to assist with that is one too. Gone are the days where it was advised to spend two months salary on the ring you are to propose with. We don’t think there are any hard and fast rules anymore.  At Durham Rose all our rings are designed with each individual’s budget in mind and we recommend spending as much as you are comfortable with.  

The way we work is very unique and one we believe you won’t find it replicated anywhere else.

We do not hold stock of existing rings and we do not have a stock of loose stones. This means everything we present to you is specific to your requirements. Unlike many high street jewellers, whose sole focus is selling the stock they have pre-bought, we at Durham Rose listen to what it is you are looking for and only then will we make suggestions using our expertise to guide you in the right direction.

We are very transparent with our costings and unlike most jewellers, we will break your ring down into components outlining each individual cost. This then allows you to assess where your money is being spent and move things around according to where you would like your money to be spent.

Each piece we make is a bespoke one-off piece of artwork rather than a mass produced ring which is readily available on the high street.  Due to this, our set up costs are relatively high so if you have a budget below £950, you may find a cheaper alternative on the high street. 

As a tool to help you understand how pricing can vary, below are some examples of a classic solitaire cut diamond engagement ring.

Advantages Of Our Bespoke Service

  • One of a kind, never to be repeated
  • Everything is customisable
  • Creating a unique experience throughout the process
  • Collaborating with your design expert to bring your designs to life

Disadvantages Of Our Bespoke Service

  • May not be in line with the overly conscientious, price motivated person
  • May not work for those on an extremely tight timeline



Bespoke does not have to equate to expensive. Whilst we always have your budget in mind whilst we bring your designs to life, the budget isn’t our primary focal point. At Durham Rose we are passionate about creating an experience for each client. This is a once in a lifetime experience and one that you should always remember and cherish. We have an incredible inventory of gemstones and diamonds at our fingertips, all available to be hand selected for your ring.  We are able to make suggestions to suit your individual budget 

We believe in value over price. If you do too, why not give our design team a call to discuss your free consultation today?


“How much does it cost? Durham Rose offer a truly unique, bespoke service based on our individual clients inspiration. We never replicate and we never resell. Read on to find out more about our bespoke process

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Get in touch with one of our incredible ring designers

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