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Using Your Own Metal

What Does ‘Remodelling’ Mean?

If you have an item of jewellery which has been inherited from a loved one or a design which is in need of a new lease of life then our remodelling service is the perfect solution to re-invent something perfect from something tired and unloved.

We can reuse existing metals and stones or even just transfer a key design element. The result would be a beautiful more polished item of jewellery which still holds sentiment and can be cherished for many more generations to come.


Reusing Metal

If there is a pre existing metal you are looking to reuse into a new design then it is something that can definitely be achieved. The recycling of a precious metal however isn’t as straightforward as one might think and it can often be a difficult and time consuming process.

When precious metals are melted down you end up with less volume than what you started with due to the purification the metal has to endure to separate the precious metal from the unwanted alloys it has been mixed with. After this process more alloys then need to be added to create a metal that can pass the Assay test and receive a British hallmark.

When melting down metal there is also a danger of forming air bubbles which can form a porosity in the metal once it has been casted. This can have a detrimental effect on strength and durability.

In conclusion the melting down and reusing of metals is great if it is for sentimental reasons. However due to the nature of this process and the labour involved it is not a good option if you are looking to save money. The process isn’t cost effective and results in a bigger spend than the purchase of new metals. Sometimes existing metals have been too mixed to be melted down to start again, sometimes scrapping the metal and using the money towards new metal is more cost effective.

Another alternative if viably possible is to be more creative with the ring parts which we use and if we can reuse a shank or a design element of a ring then we can certainly do that for you. We can also change the profile of a ring slightly or set gemstones into existing rings if there is enough depth and metal to play with to create something with more life and sparkle.

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