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Canadian Diamonds

What is a Canadian Diamond?

Mined in the stunning yet hostile landscapes of Canada’s Northwest territories these diamonds have a wholly ethical reputation of having transparent supply chains from mine to being proudly worn on the hand of a lucky person, and every point in between.

These diamonds above 0.30ct are individually laser inscribed with a specific inscription and will always be sold with a certificate to certify where the diamond came from. Canadian diamonds have been recognised as an ethical and fully transparent way of sourcing diamonds without the ‘conflict diamond’ stigma that surrounds the industry. To find out more about Conflict diamonds and how we as a company continually fight that, please read our ‘Conflict Diamonds and The Kimberley Process’ page. 

What Makes A Canadian Diamond Different To Any Other Mined Diamond?

The only difference between a Canadian Diamond and other mined diamonds is that they were mined in a particular geographical location. Canadian Diamonds have been mined in the Ekati and Diavik mines in the Northwest territories of Canada, and everything else has been mined all over the world in places such as; Africa, Australia, Russia and so on. An identifiable difference between Canadian diamonds and others is that the diamonds from other locations are not tracked from mine to market so it is impossible to tell where a specific diamond has come from; also known as its ‘provenance’.


Are they Ethical?

Canadian diamonds are known for being ‘the’ ethical diamonds in the industry. The supply chain can be tracked from mine to market through the cutting and polishing process and then further through the provision of a ‘Jewellers to Consumer’ with a certificate to show where it was mined.

Canada has strict environmental laws which enforce the land having an assessment before any kind of planning or mining can take place. This is to make sure that it doesn’t affect the local wildlife and environment and to make sure that the land can be returned to what it was before the mine was put in place. The working conditions for the miners are strict in terms of abiding by health and safety laws and there are strict regulations in place to make sure there are never any modern day slave conditions or child labour.

Different Types Of Canadian Diamonds

We often source diamonds through the ‘CanadaMark’ scheme which was set up by Dominion Diamond Corporation. This scheme enables the diamonds to be tracked from the mines to the cutters, polishers, jewellers and finally, to you. 

There are a few other certification bodies which aim to keep the supply chain as short and transparent as possible, these include:

  • Canadian Eskimo Diamonds
  • Arcticmark Diamonds
  • Polar Ice Diamond


To learn any more about Canadian Diamonds and how to source your perfect diamond with Durham Rose,  please get in touch with our diamond specialists here.


“Canadian Diamonds; Find out more about the CanadaMark scheme that provides us with our unrivalled ethical diamonds.”

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