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What is ‘Colour’?

Ironically diamond ‘colour’, actually refers to the absence of colour in the stone. A higher value diamond will have zero hue whereas those displaying a higher colouration will be of a less financial value.

The Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A) use a diamond colour grading system that ranges from D-to-Z, (as demonstrated in the image below) where D-F is colourless, G-J is near colourless, K-L has faint yellow presence and Z  has a light yellow presence.


This measures the extent of colourlessness of a diamond under controlled inspection conditions due to a large quantity of the distinctions in colour being minute, and often invisible to the naked eyeHowever, when diamonds are formed with traces of other minerals this can result in unique and beautiful colours. 

Fancy coloured diamonds

Fancy diamond colours range from blue to brilliant yellow, red, brown, pale green, pink, and violet. Because of they’re the rarity, coloured diamonds are highly desirable and often more valuable.  

We have a page dedicated to ‘fancy’ coloured diamonds; click here to learn more.

For more inspiration galleries of ‘coloured’ diamonds in which we have worked with, please click here. Alternatively, speak with one of our Design  Consultants today to learn more about coloured diamonds. 

“Colour; Learn more about your stone’s colouring with Durham Rose’s coloured diamonds guide.”

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