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Why is Cut Important?

What is ‘Cut’?

The G.I.A, in 2006, as a by-product of a manufacturing opportunity introduced the fourth C to the lexicon of Diamond Grading: ‘Cut’. They define ‘cut’ as ‘cut grade’ which is the way a diamond has been cut to maximise the way a diamond’s facets interact with light, creating the archetypal ‘sparkle’ associated with a diamond. This is then further enhanced by the way in which the stone’s proportions and symmetry are integrated into the stones cut and polish. If a diamond exhibits a poor cut grade, it will ‘leak’ light creating a dull, dim appearance.

Why Is Cut Grade Important?

Surprisingly, Cut is the least discussed and the most certainly the least understood in diamond knowledge – especially amongst professionals and jewellery sales persons. Astonishingly, the majority of jewellers still explain ‘Cut’ as the way a diamond is shaped.

Hearts on Fire, however, provides a viewpoint that addresses and re-educates some of the misconceptions of most jewellery sales persons, by offering “Cut is NOT one of the 4 C’s. Cut is not an inherent Characteristic of a diamond. Cut is something we do to a diamond”. Fundamentally, Cut is man adding to nature; not a gift from nature alone.

Crafted by Infinity expand this further and give suspected reasons of why most jewellery stores do not have the understanding of cut grading….” The understanding of light return and refraction requires some training in geometry and physics, and the approach each lab takes is different.”  Highlighting the economic investment a company would have to make in order to train their sales persons to a higher level.

Another reason that Crafted by Infinity believe that the majority of the jewellery trade sector fails to understand the gravitas of cut and cut grading is “By definition, 90% of diamonds fall into the bottom 90% of cut quality. An increase in education about cut and what constitutes the highest possible cutting standards would reveal the lack of quality found in average stores – and most professionals would not be anxious to advertise this about their own store…”

This statement identifies some of the semantic discrepancies, the issues of quality, the fault in current grading systems and the economic drive behind misinformation, that the more educated and knowledgeable jewellers are finding themselves explaining to clients.

We at Durham Rose, are continually challenging what is considered the ‘best’ cut for each individual stone and client, which is why we are now exclusively providing our clients with Crafted by Infinity diamonds. They specialise in the highest possible precision cut diamonds that surpass the G.I.A ’s broad scope of ‘excellent’.

Diamond values, in today’s climate, are heavily based on the traditional 4 C’s with significant emphasis being weighted upon carat weight and colour. However, with the advancing knowledge surrounding cut-awareness and grading, the future value of a diamond will evolve to become based on new cut-criteria, which we at Durham Rose firmly believe should have far more prominence in the equation.

This will consist of four factors which are brilliance, sparkle, fire and light symmetry. These four elements are key to understanding light performance and a truly modern way of grading the diamond cut. The way that these factors are graded dramatically change our current grading system, by mathematically analysing and measuring pixels and levels of colour and contrast. This light performance approach to grading and comparing diamonds is the only way of getting reliable information that is technologically true, rather than relying on a salespersons pitch.


Cut Grade should be such an important focus of discussion between clients and their jewellers, that we actively encourage our  prospective clients to speak with our knowledgeable and experienced diamond consultants.

We feel that after speaking to a professional about this topic, as well as the other ‘C’s’, you will come away with a far less conflicted opinion and feel confident in your diamond decision.

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