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Alternative Diamond Choices

Contemporary diamond choices are as individual as the stones themselves

When it comes to choosing your centre stone, while many go for the traditionally classic white diamond, there is an steady rise in the amount of alternative options to choose from which alternative and more modern couples are utilising.

With unique options like; Salt and Pepper, Grey, Antique cut and Rough ‘raw’ diamonds, it is becoming increasingly easier to design a truly custom, one of a kind personal piece through our bespoke design service.

Antique and Vintage Cuts

Antique and Vintage style jewellery is having a surge in popularity, due to this, we are seeing many more rose cut, old mine cut and old European cut diamonds being re modeled or sourced to be set in new designs. See here for more examples and to see how the diamond cut evolved over time.


Rough Diamonds

In the past couple of years, rough diamonds are also having a surge in popularity. They are so unique in shape and size, that each piece is a complete one of a kind. The imperfections in these rough stones symbolize that life is never perfect, it will always have ups and downs but its the strength and the durability that gets you through it, much like the characteristics of a diamond.

Grey and Salt & Pepper Diamonds

These have been increasing in popularity greatly in recent times with customers preferring the less flashy look and are after an option which is more understated and unusual. Fancy grey diamonds, which are much rarer are grey due to the chemical element in the stone which gives it the grey colour, this is different from the highly included grey diamonds which are grey in colour from the type of inclusions in the stones. Fancy grey diamonds get their colour from high concentrations of hydrogen or more rarely- boron. Unlike other fancy colour diamonds, where the colour is valued on the saturation of colour. With grey diamonds, the colour is tonal and almost always has a secondary colour. For example, if the stone is graded as Fancy Blue-Grey, it will be much more highly prized than a Fancy light grey diamond.  


Inclusions And Clarity

If you have researched about the 4C’s and specifically clarity, you will have read about different types of inclusions and what they might look like. Salt & Pepper diamonds are essentially white diamonds which are highly included with white and black crystals. The beauty of this is that each stone therefore is completely unique with their own map of included crystals in the stone. Sometimes white diamonds on the existing clarity scale can seem unattainable in terms of the standard of perfection and the price that goes along with that. Grey and Salt & Pepper diamonds are a great way to design a unique ring at a more affordable price.



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“Alternative Diamond Choices; ‘I don’t want to buy a diamond engagement ring, are there any alternatives I can buy instead?’ Yes. See a variety of gemstone choices in our gemstone catalogue

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