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Engraving And Textures

What Is Engraving?

The tradition of inscribing or ‘engraving’ romantic poetry and decoration on to wedding bands began in the courts of medieval Europe in the early 1500’s. As one of the easiest ways to personalise your ring it is a great representation of your love and commitment for each other. Whether it be a meaningful phrase, song lyric or date engraving helps to commemorate special moments and significant information related to you as a couple.

As inscriptions are predominately done on the inside of the band you can inscribe a secret message which is only visible between yourself and your partner. It is a beautiful way to link both rings as a matching pair.

Design Details

The personalisation of a wedding band through decoration is a great way to create a more individual piece. It gives the ring definition and reflects your style and personality.  

From the more refined details as mill grain edges to more intricate elements such as filigree and carved work it creates a big impact on the genre of your ring whether you are trying to create a more contemporary look or want to translate design elements from more antique and vintage styles.

Surface Textures

What Is A ‘Surface Texture’?

A subtle way to enhance the surface of a wedding band is to create a surface treatment which creates interest and texture. There are many variations in texture, each introducing their own unique appeal.

Satin and Brushed

A brushed/satin finish has a matt and textured look. The aptly named finish looks as though it has been treated with the bristles of a brush. You can see tiny brush like marks on the surface. 





A hammered finish can lead to an artisan look to any metal surface.  The texture creates a more uneven and dimpled surface. This finish looks great with a matt finish.

Bead blasted


The Bead blast finish creates a lightly frosted finish. It is a great surface to opt for if you don’t want a highly polished finish but still want something sleek and smooth.



The Ice surface finish boasts a beautiful matte look which consists of the appearance of being scratched or beaten repeatedly with a thin piece of wire. This texture roughs up the surface of the metal seen in contemporary items of jewellery. This is a great option if you prefer a more modern look.  



This texture is created from secondary lines made at the same angle in the opposite direction to form a cross hatch design. The angle of the lines are consistent and spaced evenly to form a unique textured ring.


The stone finish creates a heavier and masculine texture. The rough matt finish is more durable and disguises scratches picked up from everyday wear. This effect creates a stone-like quality very different from the softer sheen of the satin and brushed finishes.
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