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Hearts And Arrows

Cupid strikes his arrow at the heart of the diamond

Durham Rose’s technical vision is symbolized by the ‘Hearts and Arrows’ diamond image here. To us, the ‘Hearts and Arrows’ represents technical excellence and the embodiment of genuine scientific analysis of diamond light performance. We feel that the majority of Clients experience of buying a diamond has now become quite laborious and somewhat stale; the marketplace is now simply opaque. We want to perform above and beyond any standard, commercial jewellery retailer. To do so, we integrate true diamond analysis into each of our designs and we transfer this knowledge to you, our clients, operating against the tide of traditional market methodologies.


What Are Hearts and Arrows?

‘Hearts and Arrows’ refers to a pattern found in certain diamonds. It is a specific symmetrical light pattern that is revealed to the eye through the use of specialized tools, such as a Firescope or the ‘Ideal-scope or ASET scope’ viewers (pictured below).



Hearts and Arrows viewers, use coloured reflectors to display a pattern showing the direction and intensity of light emitted from a round, brilliant cut diamond. These colourful patterns can then be evaluated to determine how much light is exiting the diamond and as a result, be contributing to a value-based cut grading.

What Does A ‘Hearts and Arrows’ Pattern Look Like?

An ideal cut diamond should reveal eight symmetrical arrows when it is viewed from the crown and on the opposite, it should reveal eight symmetrical hearts when viewed from the pavilion. 

Due to the extreme nature of the cutting precision required for this symmetrical patterning, Hearts and Arrows diamonds are often referred to as “super ideals”. The term “super ideal” is now, commonly used to define a diamond with a superior light performance and precise optical symmetry.

Crafted by Infinity are an elite team of jewellery experts provides an outstanding understanding of the optimal diamond cut; they have a strict diamond tolerance quality that outperforms way beyond the current G.I.A wide spectrum of ‘excellent’ ensuring that our clients walk away not only with a completely custom ring with sentimental depth but complimented unmatched performance diamonds, every day, over a lifetime.

Where Did Hearts And Arrows Originate From?

Hearts and Arrows as a recognizable pattern was accidentally discovered in Japan by Kazumi Okuda through the use of one his tools; a Firescope. This was a tool developed by Kazumi in the 1970’s when much of the exciting industry were still exploring cut grading. This pattern was later trademarked in 1980’s and thus began the ‘Hearts and Arrows’ U.S marketing phenomenon. This was evident in the 1990’s and still to date, where many diamond manufacturers cut diamonds to a specification that produced this distinctive pattern, occasionally at the expense of overall cut quality.

Why Is It Important?

In a round brilliant cut diamond, a clearly defined set of eight symmetrical hearts and eight symmetrical arrows is a sign of excellent optical symmetry which suggests an important component of cut. However, even though the existence of such optical symmetry alludes to the diamond being a ‘superior cut’, this is not necessarily a guarantee.

Whilst a diamond may display what appears to be a distinct hearts and arrows pattern, several subtle yet significant details in the spacing, exact shape and positioning of the pattern can have a large impact on the desirability and therefore value. Equally, the formation of a true, precise Hearts and Arrows pattern is due to the extreme care that is taken when polishing each facet to exact angles and proportions. This level of precision goes way beyond the criteria needed to achieve an “excellent” symmetry rating and as such, not all diamonds with an AGS ‘Ideal’ or GIA ‘Excellent’ cut grading will qualify it as a ‘Hearts and Arrows’ diamond.

This is why we at Durham Rose urge you to invest in your forever diamond through diamond knowledge and with caution regarding the ambiguous existing ‘cut grades’.


One of the most substantial benefits of the steadily increasing popularity of the Hearts and Arrows pattern is in the attention it casts upon the cut grading industry. In our section ‘Cut Grade’ as part of our Four C’s education, we discuss how the growth of knowledge of client purchasing has led to an increase in the importance placed upon cut and symmetry in the overall appearance of a diamond, and how this will only steadily improve cut grading for future investments.

Sadly, there are some jewellers and retailers in the diamond sector that use the “Hearts and Arrows” term to market their stock of diamonds at a higher value than it is actually worth.  We recommend that you exercise caution when any retailer that is attempting to sell you a ‘super ideal’ diamond. Please ask them to provide you with all the paperwork to justify this claim; this includes diamond certification with its Hearts and Arrows images (via ASET or Ideal-Scope) included.  Sadly, not everyone who deals in diamonds does so with integrity.


Durham Rose want you to get the best value for your money and understanding what to look for and equally what to avoid in your search for your forever stone is something we would be delighted to help you with. Please contact one of our diamonds experts today.

 ‘Hearts and Arrows: How precision cut and meticulous polishing can create diamonds with dazzling hearts and arrows patterns synonymous with love’

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