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White Gold

What is White Gold?

White Gold is a beautiful and popular choice for jewellery available in 9k, 14k and 18k. the higher the Karat, the higher percentage of pure gold within, therefore the softer the metal. Even though gold is a naturally occurring yellow metal, it is mixed with white alloys to produce a whiter colour. Typically, it is mixed with zinc, silver or palladium to give the metal its white colour and is then plated with rhodium – a metal related to platinum – to give an even whiter appearance to the metal that similar to Platinum and Palladium.




  • A highly malleable material
  • Less expensive than platinum
  • Easy to work with (resizing)
  • White colour wonderfully compliments all  gemstones



  • A naturally softer metal than Platinum
  • Natural yellow hue will appear over time due to everyday wear
  • The cost to re-rhodium plate accumulates over the years


The rhodium plating will tend to wear off and reveal the yellowish hue of the white gold over time due to its 75% yellow gold content. Plating will have to be repeated every 12-18 months, depending on lifestyle.

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