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Crafted By Infinity

Durham Rose are delighted to announce that we are now an exclusive retailer of Crafted by Infinity within the United Kingdom

As a continuing presence in the bespoke jewellery design sector, we at Durham Rose feel that partnering with Crafted by Infinity only serves to strengthen our core vision of providing our clients with the highest quality products, through the highest quality service.

Crafted by Infinity are an elite team of jewellery experts provides an outstanding understanding of the optimal diamond cut; they have a strict diamond tolerance quality that outperforms way beyond the current G.I.A wide spectrum of ‘excellent’ ensuring that our clients walk away not only with a completely custom ring with sentimental depth but complimented unmatched performance diamonds, every day, over a lifetime.

Know Your Stone

Paul and Liever from Crafted by Infinity bring to the sector, the pinnacle of man’s cutting achievement. Their commitment to flawless cut results in more than breathtaking scintillation, dispersion, brightness and contrast. Crafted by Infinity, believe that you have intimate knowledge of your diamond as it goes with you through your journey together and this is interwoven into their core philosophy and evident in the meticulous attention to detailing every moment and aspect of your diamond from ‘their hands, to yours’.

Because of their continued commitment to excellence, we feel that this dynamic new relationship is a case of ‘Precision meets Perfection’. Durham Rose are elated to now offer Crafted by Infinity diamonds directly to you, our Clients.


  • Crafted by Infinity hand select each rough diamond and then meticulously plan and craft each diamond into your forever crystal.
  • When you complete your ring design with Durham Rose, you will be presented with a hand inscribed message from your diamond cutter with your Crafted by Infinity ID number, carat weight and other details, giving you a definitive traceable origin of its birth.
  • As a valued member of the Crafted by Infinity family, you will be sent an invitation with your diamond to discover more intimate knowledge of is history and creation.

 “More Fire. More Sparkle. More Life!”

These three aspects are not currently tested in any other laboratory other than by Crafted by Infinity.

Fire- The way the diamond has been precisely cut produces ‘bigger, bolder bursts of fire’ seen by our eyes as the colours of the rainbow.

Sparkle- Again, due to the precision cut grade quality the diamonds have a greater propensity for more vivid, intense flashes and scintillation which creates a Superior Sparkle.

Life- By harnessing ‘edge-to-edge’ brightness, the bigger bolder bursts of fire and the superior sparkle; the essence of a diamond or the life of a diamond can be expressed to its truest potential.


Unmatched Quality

  • NO undisclosed haze/ over-fluorescence
  • NO microscopic brown/ green tint
  • NO strain or durability issues
  • NO exceptions
  • NO outliers

All diamonds have ‘eye-clean’ clarity. Crafted by Infinity Diamonds all meet our “Eye-Clean” definition; “No characteristics visible to a person with normal 20/20 vision viewing the diamond in the face-up position, at a distance of 25cm (10 inches), under normal overhead lighting.”


Q) Is it Beautiful?

A) Yes! Durham Rose think Crafted by Infinity’s diamonds are amongst the world’s most beautiful stones. But we wanted to be impartial and give you testimonials of previous Crafted by Infinity clients;

“You recently helped a friend of mine select a Crafted by Infinity diamond for an engagement ring. It is the most amazing diamond that we’ve ever seen! The diamond is so brilliant and sparkly that all our friends are blown away. Needless to say, my girlfriend is in love with it. She wants a Crafted by Infinity diamond of her own.” – Anon on

“I can’t stop staring at the rainbows my diamond makes in the car, and I get so many compliments from strangers.” Jaime Ritter on High Performance Diamonds



Q) Is it affordable?

A) Yes! Crafted By Infinity have similar pricing to other diamond suppliers, however, because they hand-select the rough which is then cut and polished into their exquisite diamonds, they do have a slight premium. If you decide to go for a Crafted By Infinity diamond you are not only buying one of the best-cut stones in the world with the best light performance, you are also buying into the story and from a small hand-selected group of diamonds. This can’t be said for 97% of the diamonds on the market.

Due to the way Crafted By Infinity cut their diamonds you can actually purchase a smaller stone, this is because the superior cut allows edge to edge brightness which means the stone appears larger than a diamond of a lesser cut quality in a larger size.



Q) Is it Ethical?

A) As much as a naturally mined diamond can be ethical, Crafted by Infinity are at the highest pinnacle. All diamonds that Crafted by Infinity craft are guaranteed conflict-free in compliance with United Nations General Assembly Resolutions 55/56; the Kimberley Process, the Belgian Federal Anti-Money-Laundering regulations, the USA Clean Diamonds and Patriot Acts and voluntary participation in the Jewellers’ Vigilance Committee’s USA Patriot Act Compliance Program.

They are also all ACAMS certified professionals which works tirelessly to prevent and expose crimes pertaining to money laundering, terrorist financing, human trafficking and tax evasion.

Every diamond crystal used by Crafted by Infinity, is hand selected by Chief Gemologist Lieve Peeters, the former head of the Diamond Expert Division for the Belgian Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs.


“Crafted by Infinity; From their hands to yours with the help of ours”

High Performance Diamonds are becoming the most sought after diamond, we at Durham Rose are more than ready to help fulfil your diamond dream. Why not speak with one of our Diamond experts now to find out more about Crafted by Infinity diamonds?

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