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Diamond Education- Advanced

‘Hearts and Arrows’ refers to a pattern found in certain diamonds. It is a specific symmetrical light pattern that is revealed to the eye through the use of specialised tools. Discover how precision cut and meticulous polishing can create diamonds with dazzling hearts and arrows patterns synonymous with love here.

The Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool, more commonly known in the industry as ‘ASET’ is a device created by the American Gemological Society (AGS).  It is a scientific tool that shows where a diamond collects light in the hemisphere above, and whether that light properly returns to the viewer’s eyes, or leaks-through and is lost. Uncover the importance of the ASET and how it has impacted on the Four C’s and diamond trade here.

Inclusions can be internal or external characteristics on the stone. These can be due to the environment in which they form or the way in which they are cut. What some see as a flaw, others will see as full of character; let Durham Rose explain how to view these Clarity characteristics commonly known as ‘Inclusions’ in our guide.

There is an steady rise in the amount of alternative options to choose from which alternative and more modern couples are utilising. With unique options like; Salt and Pepper, Grey, Antique cut and Rough ‘raw’ diamonds, it is becoming increasingly easier to design a truly custom, one of a kind personal piece through our bespoke design service. Explore these options here in our guide.

"They created magic from just one photo.
An utterly unique design."

Lauren Woodcock

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“They created magic from just one photo. An utterly unique design.”

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