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The origin of the Moissanite is a tale of fallen stars, exploration and discovery and a century long scientific endeavour. It was first found by Henri Moissan in 1893 when he was exploring a Meteor crater called the ‘Diablo Canyon’ in Arizona. Originally, Henri believed he had found diamonds in the site, but later discovered that they were naturally occurring microscopic Silicon Carbide particles. He wanted to replicate these in his lab, but sadly he did not live long enough to see this to fruition.

Is it Ethical?

Almost all Moissanite is purposely lab grown and precision engineered due its rarity and scarcity in the natural world. This allows for each stone to be created with the highest regard for environmental and ethical standards, have traceable origins and be socially responsible and sustainable. It is one of the very few stones available that guarantees it is 100% conflict free and zero mining heritage. With the Moissanite being born in a controlled environment, the stone has some similar optical characteristics of a diamond, but with features that are compositionally distinct.


On the Refractive Index, a diamond measures in at a high 2.417, Moissanite however, scores an outstanding 2.691, showcasing its propensity for the highest quality of Brilliance. Moissanites exhibit a different form of brilliance than that of a diamond due to the difference in faceting pattern. The fiery, rainbow flashes emitted by Moissanites are evocative of its meteoric origins. Not only does Moissanite provide striking light refraction and dispersion that supersedes all gemstones, it is extremely durable, practical and hard-wearing being a minimal .75 less than the hardest wear of a Diamond on the MOH’S Scale of Hardness.

Below is a comparative table of the differences between Moissanite versus other precious gemstones as illustrated by Charles & Colvard.

Brilliance Refraction Index (RI)

Fire Dispersion

Moh’s Hardness Scale








DIAMOND: 0.044


RUBY: 1.77

RUBY: 0.018






EMERALD: 0.014



Given the stones birefringent qualities and natural yellow fluorescence undertone, the crystal is usually cut along the optic axis in a manner to counteract this. When shaped in this fashion, the Moissanites do not always have the archetypal ‘diamond’ faceted pattern which can give an uneven appearance to some, as that is what our eyes have been socially conditioned to expect from a centre stone. However, the round cut, brilliant hearts and arrows precision cut, demonstrates the stones true scope for affordable, awe-inspiring, sentimental pieces to be created.

Below is a selection of rings that contain moissanites that we have worked with:

We at Durham Rose, provide our clients with Moissanites sourced primarily from Charles & Colvard who are world renown for their outstanding understanding and creation of high quality, ethically produced Moissanites. 


  •         Beauty: Depth of beauty
  •         Affordable: Up to 1/10th of the price of Diamonds
  •         Ethical: 100% conflict free, zero mining and sustainable

If you would like to speak to a design consultant about making your Moissanite dream come true, contact us today

“Moissanite: Durham Rose can source and create your Moissanite dream ring. See our past work with Moissanites and book a consultation today”

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