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Diamond Types

Crafted by Infinity are an elite team of jewellery experts who have an outstanding understanding of the optimal diamond cut; they have a strict diamond tolerance quality that outperforms way beyond the current G.I.A wide spectrum of ‘excellent’. Thus ensuring our clients walk away not only with a completely custom ring with sentimental depth but complemented by unmatched performance diamonds, every day, over a lifetime. Read more about our collaboration here.
Nicknamed ‘Fancy Diamonds’ in the industry, rare Coloured Diamonds can be an utterly stunning choice for an engagement ring. Diamonds, like coloured gemstones can come in a multitude of different colours. Whilst forming in the Earth, the diamond crystal can come into contact with various different elements, creating a rare coloured diamond. Discover more about the rarity of coloured diamonds here.
Mined in the stunning yet hostile landscapes of Canada’s Northwest territories these diamonds have a wholly ethical reputation of having transparent supply chains from mine to being proudly worn on the hand of a lucky person, and every point in between. Expand your ethical diamond knowledge by reading our in depth guide here.
The story of the Lab Grown Diamond is almost one of science fiction meets engineering innovation. Synthetic, cultured, cultivated, man-made, engineered or artificial diamonds are all synonyms for what is commonly referred to in the jewellery trade as a ‘Lab Grown Diamond’.  Find out more about the increasingly popular, ethical and cost friendly Lab Grown Diamonds in our guide, here.

"They created magic from just one photo.
An utterly unique design."

Lauren Woodcock

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“They created magic from just one photo. An utterly unique design.”

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