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Summer is still the most popular time of year for weddings here in the UK. The lure of long, sunny days and the possibility of warm weather are an irresistible combination for brides and grooms who fall in love with the prospect of high summer celebrations. So, in honour of the season, let’s take a look at ten essentials for super summer weddings…

eddings are thirsty work so you’ll need to provide lots of drinks for guests at summer weddings. Obviously summer favourites like Pimms and cocktails are always going to be well received but don’t forget that on hot days, we all need more non-alcoholic options too. However, you can still make even plain water special – how about serving drinks from pretty glass dispensers or fill glasses with floral ice cubes? Make drinks tables look lovely with flowers or use unusual containers, full of ice and bottles, and let your guests help themselves.

ncourage your guests to have some fun at your wedding by setting up lots of lovely lawn games for everyone to play. Croquet, giant Jenga, old style summer fete games and even DIY crazy golf are all brilliant options. You can hire in giant lawn games (just search online) and lots of venues also have things available for you to use. Failing that, there are plenty of games you can make yourself – just make sure that you’ve got someone to set everything up for you on the day.

t’s certainly lovely to be in the sun at a wedding but sunburn isn’t a good look on anyone. Provide baskets of parasols for guests to use if they need some shade and don’t worry, they look great in photos too!

here’s something really special about sitting around a fire late at night with your friends and family so if your venue will allow it, and you love the idea of time under the stars with your nearest and dearest, why not set up a bonfire? They make a great focal point for the evening celebrations and you can even let guests toast marshmallows as the sun goes down.

ummer is definitely a time of fabulous fruits so why not ‘spread the love’ with your wedding favours? Super cute little pots of jam make great gifts for guests and, if you make the fruity conserves yourself, they can be a really cost effective option. Stock up on fruits from local pick-you-own farms or markets and buy jars in bulk online. You’ll find lots of labels and tags available to download too and there are plenty of simple recipes you can try so get fruity!

sk any photographer about Golden Hour and their face will light up in happiness. This magical time provides the most beautiful light for wedding photos so speak to your photographer to arrange a couple’s portrait session during Golden Hour and you’ll be rewarded with truly gorgeous photos that you’ll love forever.

ackdrops are a wedding must-have at any time of year but set them up outside for summer weddings and you’ve got a great location for photos guaranteed. Big light-up letters, hanging ribbons or frames, decorated doors or hanging fabrics are all fantastic ideas and as well as a spot for photos, an eye-catching backdrop is a great way to greet guests or make an outside space that bit more special.

hen the sun doesn’t go down until late in the evening, you don’t need lots of electric light. Instead, make the most of the romantic atmosphere with lots of candles. Line pathways, pile them up to create huge displays, hang them from trees and just let your imagination run wild. If your venue doesn’t allow naked flames, battery operated candles are a perfection alternative.

edding days are long days and heat can be tiring, especially for older guests. To let everyone enjoy the great outdoors, set up seating areas. Again, venues might be able to provide furniture or you can hire pieces in if you prefer. Even simple rugs or hay-bale sofas are enough to encourage everyone to linger. If you can, tuck some seats in the shade, so much the better and why not provide blankets for the evening too? Let your guests just slow down and enjoy the day.

Weddings are beautiful, romantic and altogether dreamy days but you also need a dose of practicality when you’re considering the needs of your guests. Sunscreen, insect repellant, blister plasters and even little baskets full of hairspray and other essentials will make your guests feel happy and loved all day long.


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