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With its warm tones and lustrous finish, rose gold remains one of the most popular metals around for custom engagement ring creation. The suggestion of pink, which softens the yellow of pure gold, can’t help but hold undertones of romance. Which is why, despite the ever-changing trends, rose gold engagement rings are as loved now as when Cartier popularised them in the 1920s.

But with so many choices of precious metal available, why should you consider rose gold for your bespoke engagement ring today?

6 Reasons to Choose a Custom Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Rose gold can bring out the depth of colour in a range of stones

If you’re looking to make your white diamonds shine brighter, your brown diamonds to develop a richer, chocolatier tone, or bring intensity to pink or blue sapphires, rose gold is a far better option than white or yellow metals.

Rose gold is the perfect choice for vintage-inspired engagement rings

Rose gold was first used by Carl Faberge in the creation of his infamous eggs. But it wasn’t really until the 1920s that it became widely embraced by the jewellery industry. It was then that rose gold became an emblem for romance. And that’s partly why the metal suits vintage designs so well. It is redolent of the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements, and there are few better ways to bring a vintage flavour to your custom engagement ring. But…

Rose gold can also bring character to contemporary designs

Yellow gold isn’t as fashionable as it once was. White gold, palladium, and platinum are hugely popular, but can be expensive. Rose gold presents an attractive alternative. If used as part of a simplistic, contemporary design it can bring personality and warmth without impacting upon the modernity of the style.

Rose gold works wonderfully with other metals



Whether used as a small highlight or an intrinsic part of your ring design, rose gold can bring life to other metals, adding warmth, contrast and colour. It also adds interest and personality without the need for investment in further gemstones.

Rose gold is versatile


Despite the fact that it’s often associated with femininity – which, let’s be honest, is part of the appeal for some – rose gold is actually really versatile. And it makes a great choice for both men’s and women’s jewellery. A lot of men choose to use rose gold as an accent in lieu of precious stones in their wedding or engagement rings. But it’s also gaining popularity as the core metal for men’s wedding bands.

Rose gold can be more cost effective

Rose gold is an alloy of pure 24 karat yellow gold, copper and silver. This makes it a less expensive option than yellow gold – the price of which is currently at record levels. But because of its desirability, it’s highly unlikely to depreciate in value through the years. Its composition also means that it’s possible to find 100% ethically sourced, fair trade rose gold. Which is always a nice basis for a wedding or engagement ring.

Rose gold is loved because it offers subtlety, romance and elegance. For a custom engagement ring, those can be important factors. But it also delivers warmth, a sort of fundamental friendliness and a timelessness that some other metals lack. And that is why we love it.

Book your Durham Rose design consultation today, to find out more about how you can use rose in your bespoke engagement ring design.