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What Is A Lab Grown Diamond?

The story of the Lab Grown Diamond is almost one of science fiction meets engineering innovation. Synthetic, cultured, cultivated, man-made, engineered or artificial diamonds are all synonyms for what is commonly referred to in the jewellery trade as a ‘Lab Grown Diamond’. 

By all comprehension, Lab Grown Diamonds are real diamonds; they are not to be confused with the many diamond ‘stimulants’ that are offered on the market at present.


Are They Real?

Absolutely! This distinction should be made paramount in order to educate your opinion of selecting a Lab Grown Diamond as an ethical, eco-friendly alternative to mined diamonds therefore, exhibit identical compositional characteristics of a natural diamond; such as fire, scintillation, sparkle.

Lab Grown Diamonds are optically, physically and chemically the same as a mined diamond; the only difference is one comes from the Earth’s Mines and the other from Earth’s Minds. They also match, and often supersede natural diamonds on the RI Brilliance scale for beauty and the Moh’s Scale of Hardness for their durability and strength due to the way they are engineered.

A breath-taking example of such a stone can be found on one of our previous projects here left;

How Are They Made?

Chemical Vapour Deposition (C.V.D) and High pressure, High Temperature (H.P.H.T) are both methods which can be used to mimic the natural growth process of a diamond under strict laboratory conditions. Chemical Vapour Deposition is the current, preferred manner in which to grow these diamonds due to the end result of producing an outstanding high quality, durable stone.

Diamond seeds, a derivative of a natural established diamond, are placed within a specific diamond growth chamber. Methane and Hydrogen gases surround the seeds and envelope them stimulating the growth of the Carbon Atoms, creating diamond crystal structures over a period of 3-4 weeks.

Monitored by highly skilled and trained experts, the diamonds are then harvested at their ideal growth stage in order to optimize their individual characteristics for the client’s forever stone. Due to their unique birth, these stones possess a much smaller carbon footprint, ensuring the environmental impact is minimal, unlike its natural counterpart.

As these stones enter our world in a highly controlled laboratory environment, a Certification of Origin can be produced for each stone, allowing the client to trace their stone to its root origin ensuring their purchase is a zero-conflict, ethically made and a truly socially responsible choice of stone.

Lab Grown Diamonds have the same potential to be cut and shaped as any other stone; as seen by the sample selection below.


  • Beauty: Outstanding, precision cut diamonds that maximise the beauty of the stone.
  • Value: Can have a saving of up to 30% compared like for like to certain natural diamonds of a specific colour/ clarity.
  • Ethical:100% Zero-conflict, ethically sustainable and environmentally friendly.,


“Lab Grown Diamonds; Beautiful, affordable and ethical. Learn more about the stone that is revolutionising the diamond market here with Durham Rose.”