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Whether diamond or morganite, selecting the stone shape for your custom engagement ring can be tricky. The classic round brilliant is always appealing, but sometimes choosing a different shaped stone can give your ring that extra bit of character that you’re looking for. And right now, pear-shaped stones are one of the hottest bespoke engagement ring looks around.

Why are Pear-Shaped Stones Trending for Custom Engagement Rings?

1. They’re different

Despite the fact that pear-shaped stones are becoming incredibly popular, people still love them for engagement rings because they’re a little bit different. With their beautiful curve, elongated line and sharp point, pear cut stones really stand out. They’re distinctive. And they’re glorious. And they can work equally well as standalone stones, as a beautiful centre to a halo design, as wings on a trilogy ring, or as a part of something completely original, as on the butterfly design above.

2. Pear-shaped stones work with both vintage and contemporary designs

Because the style hasn’t been in favour until recently, pear-cut diamonds and other stones feel very much of the zeitgeist. And they look absolutely breath-taking when used in a minimalist design in tandem with more contemporary metal choices, like platinum. But the cut has actually been around since the 15th century. Diamond merchant, Lodewyk van Berchem of Bruges, is responsible for creating the cut. And although it wasn’t much used originally, 400 years later, it was honed, refined, and embraced by the early 20th century jewellery makers. So, it carries a bit of a vintage vibe too. And with the right design, pear cut stones can look timeless.

3. They’re absolutely brilliant

And we mean that in the literal sense. Pear cut diamonds have 58 facets. And while round cut diamonds remain the most scintillating, pear cut stones are close behind. It’s one of the sparkliest stone cuts around. And if set within a halo, you’ll never be short of shimmer.

4. Pear cut diamonds are cheaper than round brilliants

Round brilliant diamonds have been the most popular choice for engagement rings for around 70 years. Part of their appeal is tradition. The other part is because they possess the brightest sparkle. But they also possess the greatest price tag. Pear cut diamonds can be as much as 40% cheaper than round brilliant diamonds. This means that you can either save a bit of cash to put towards other parts of your wedding. Or you can buy a bigger stone, or further stones to accent the main event. Either way, pear-shaped diamonds make excellent financial sense. They hold their value because diamonds always do. And the same premise applies to every other stone type, whether morganite, sapphire or ruby.

Pear-shaped stones are becoming increasingly popular for people designing their own custom engagement ring because they’re gorgeous, characterful, elegant and affordable. The trend is already beginning to show. But we think that we’re going to be seeing a lot more of this lovely stone cut in the coming months and years.

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