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Summer is certainly festival season and whether you’ll be dancing in a field or watching from your sofa, it seems as if we can’t get enough of the festival vibe. The same is certainly true in the wedding world as festival themed weddings have become more and more popular of late and there’s a good reason for that – these laid back, fun and super enjoyable events give everyone a chance to relax with an alternative wedding day that can still be stylish and personal. So, here’s your ticket to a wedding where you’re headlining…

festival wedding just wouldn’t be right if everyone spends the whole day inside so if this is going to be your wedding theme, you need a venue that allows you to be outdoors, if only for part of the day. Totally embrace the festival feeling with a yurt or tipi or simply set up little seating areas under trees for guests to get them in the mood. A great idea (that also means no one will have to leave the party early) is to arrange for your guests to camp over. Imagine sitting up all night under the stars with your nearest and dearest…

ou’ve also got lots of options for your outfits with a festival wedding. There’s nothing to stop you wearing a more traditional gown but similarly, there’s nothing to stop you wearing anything else you’d like either! Try mix and match bridesmaids, boho wedding gowns, grooms who’ve ditched the suit and, of course, plenty of wild flowers to finish your look. Floral crowns and even festival style wristbands are a must.

ood for a festival wedding can still be delicious and special but let’s be honest, a very formal banquet just isn’t going to work. Instead, bring in caterers who’ll work with your theme or maybe consider hiring food trucks. Guests can choose what they like and, if you still have a seating plan, there’ll be just enough structure to your dinner for it to be special. Less formal cakes or even alternatives such as stacked cheese wheels will be a perfect accompaniment to your meal.

eep the drinks informal too and set up bar stations where everyone can help themselves or mix their own. Use jars instead of fancy glasses and make them extra pretty with tags, twine or ribbon and don’t forget the stripy straws! Remember, if you’re going to be outside in the summer, you’ll need plenty of water and non-alcoholic options.

ecorating for your festival wedding is a lot of fun. Flags, bunting and natural flowers are great and informality is the key. Use what’s around you so hang photo displays, backdrops and seating plans from trees, string up lights, garlands and flowers and don’t forget lanterns (and even heaters) if you want to stay outside when the sun goes down.

very festival wedding needs signposts! You’ll find your wedding day flows well when all your guests know what’s happening and as formal orders of the day are out, signposts are most certainly in. Give everyone all the information they need, show them where to go and when and they relax. You can make your own signposts to suit your day or opt for the ever-popular chalkboard alternative.

Stationery for a festival wedding can be as pretty or as funky as you want. Keep totally on trend with a poster-style seating plan and lanyards for guests or go for printed stationery that fits your theme. There are plenty of companies out there who produce amazing invitations in styles that will suit your wedding or there’s always the DIY option if you want something truly unique.

And that’s just what a festival wedding should be – unique. You’re not bound by the usual rules of weddings so if you’d like everyone to get a temporary tattoo, dance until the sun comes up or use a guitar as a guest book, you can. If we love festivals because they give us a chance to live a different life for a little while then make sure your festival wedding is your perfect day.


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