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Week 2 and our fantasy collection is expanding. This week we are taking reference from DotA 2 which is an on-line multi player battle game. Released in July 2013 it has over £800,000 players daily which leaves it being the most played game on Steam. However this isn’t the most popular game of its kind…League of Legends takes the lead with an astonishing 27 million daily players. The game is composed of 5 teams, and the object is to destroy the enemy’s base. This is achieve by destroying a building in each base called the ‘Ancient’, once these are all destroyed the game is then over.

All of these rings are used as some sort of protection within the game that can be purchased throughout.

As in the first ring blog, we are analysing the design and what these rings are used for before deciding which one we are going to make.

Ring of Protection

This is a basic ring bought early in the game to provide a little amount or armour. Described as: ‘A glimmering ring that defends its bearer’

Ring of Regen

Is a basic item found in the arcane section of the shop. It builds into a variety of different high tier items that grant the player for power/defence.  Described as: ‘This ring is considered a good luck charm among the Gnomes.

Ring of Basilius

It has an active aura that when worn gives allied creeps an additional 2 armour. This is used to help push a lane close to the enemies base. Described as: ‘Ring given as a reward to the greatest images.’

Ring of Aquila

This is a top tier item which means it doesn’t build into any other item at an additional cost.  Described as:  ‘The ring of the fallen Warlord Aquila continues to support armies in battle.’

Ring of Health

This item is available to purchase at the secret shop and at the side lane. Described as: ‘A shiny ring found beneath a fat halfling’s corpse.’

This is the end of the rings from DotA 2

Which one shall we make first?
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