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In our line of business the majority of our customers are proposing to their partner as a complete surprise, therefore the finger size is usually undetermined.  If you are in the lucky minority and know the correct finger size you might as well stop reading now! If on the other hand this is causing you some concern we have put together a list of handy tips and tricks to help you establish what you can do to find the correct ring size.

different Ways to find that ring size!!

Don’t be afraid to ask your partner out right what their finger size is if marriage is something you talk about. The element of surprise is still there as they won’t actually know when it’s going to happen. 


Take an existing ring that your partner already wears and ask your local jeweller to measure it. Be mindful of which finger and hand it is worn on as each finger differs. Even if you can’t get a ring that they wear on the correct finger let us know which one it is worn on as we should be able to make an educated guess as to what the size of the ring finger is likely to be. If they are right handed then the left hand will be slightly smaller usually by ½ to 1 full size. 


If you don’t want to take a ring that they already wear for fear of losing it or them noticing it is missing you can take a strip of paper and wrap it round the outside of the ring. If you do choose to do this be aware of the depth of the ring as this will have quite an impact on the size. 

The most effective way is to have a professional measure their finger. Ask one of their friends to take them on a fake shopping trip. They can go into a jeweller, your friend can try a few rings on and get the assistant to measure your partners finger as well. Casually persuade your friend to have their finger measured……’I didn’t realise I was an M…what ring size are you??!’


If you are at the stage of proposing in your life, then you may have friends that are too and possibly someone in your friendship group has recently got engaged. Mention to them what your plans are and next time you are together get them to convince your partner to try their engagement ring on. This should give us an idea if they are similar sizes or smaller or larger.


These are the five most likely options in getting the correct finger size or as close as you’re going to get. Getting someone to help you is always a bonus as they will be delighted to be a trusted positive co-conspirator, but remember, it is a secret so choose carefully! I don’t think I would like to find out that all my friends knew I was being proposed to before the deed actually happened!

Ways not to guess a ring size!!

You can purchase these little plastic ring sizes that you put on your finger. They are good but only when used correctly. They aren’t particularly ridged where a metal band is, so when you think you have the correct size make sure you can get it on and off the finger without having to alter the size. People with large knuckles may find with these plastic measuring guides that they take a sizing where the ring is going to sit on the finger but will not be able to get it past the knuckle so this isn’t particularly accurate and would end up needing resizing.

Measuring your partners fingers with a bit of string when they are asleep or a little too inebriated to realise what is happening….this is a huuuge waste of time!!! Just don’t do it! There are too may reasons to list why this just doesn’t work. Trust us!

Ring sizing apps….again another waste of time! As far as I can gather these are literally circles on the screen which you hold your finger up against and guess which your size is! If you feel we’re wrong on this, please feel free to let us know as this would be fairly useful!! (but so far, they have not been useful at all).

Taking a photo of the hand in question, hmmm, really???! Even if there is something in the photo we can use as a point of scale we are jewellery designers, not CSI forensic investigators!

Hopefully we have left you armed with plenty of different ways to find the correct finger size….well very close anyway! My last piece of advice would be, always guess a little bigger as I can image it would be pretty frustrating to be proposed to and not be able to get the ring on your finger! 

Ring Sizing final words

Last but not least, don’t panic about this! We have experience with ring sizing and offer a proposal service. Just contact us for any help or advice you need!